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OpenEFL is an online operation of KKCL English, which is accredited by the British Council. This means our online school follows high standards just like the best schools in the UK. When you learn with us, you are sure you’re getting very good lessons that will really help you improve your English.

Covering every key area of English Language

At OpenEFL, you can learn all parts of English. We have a speaking club where you can practice talking in English, and many different kinds of lessons to help you with grammar, vocabulary, listening, and writing. This way, you get to work on every skill you need to become good at English. Whether you are starting out or already know some English, our classes and activities will help you get better.

Why Study English with OpenEFL.com?


Interactive Courses

Engage with interactive learning elements such as videos, audios, and H5P content.*


Fully Online

Learn English from anywhere with an internet connection, giving you the flexibility to study on your schedule.


Flexible Scheduling

Choose your own learning times with our flexible class schedules that fit around your life.


English Certificate

Earn a prestigious British Council certificate issued by KKCL upon completion of your course.*


Online EPT Test

Start your learning journey with an Online English Placement Test (EPT) to identify your current skill level.


Affordable Tutoring

Access private tutoring options, allowing personalised learning tailored to your needs.


Small Group Learning

Benefit from more focused attention and interaction in small group lessons.*


Full Curriculum

Cover all key aspects of English from grammar to speaking, tailored to improve your overall language proficiency.


AI Tutor

Benefit from personalised guidance with our AI Tutor, helping you master English more efficiently.*

*Services for Premium Members only.


"Since joining OpenEFL, my confidence in speaking English has really grown. The daily lessons are so convenient and the teachers are very understanding and patient."

Maria, Brazil

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"As a refugee, I didn't have many opportunities for education. OpenEFL gave me free access to their English classes, and it has opened so many doors for me. The teachers are incredibly supportive, and learning English has helped me start rebuilding my life in a new country."

Fatima, Syria

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"The small group sessions as a premium member have transformed my learning experience. It’s like having a personal coach! The British Council certificate was a fantastic bonus too."

Ahmed, Egypt

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"Private tutoring through OpenEFL helped me prepare for my university interviews. The focused attention and tailored lessons were exactly what I needed."

Hannah, Germany

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"I joined the free speaking club at OpenEFL and it’s amazing how much more fluent I’ve become. Meeting learners from around the world is so inspiring!"

Amina, Nigeria

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"Learning English for free at OpenEFL has been a blessing. The friendly environment and patient teachers have made it easier for me to adapt to a new culture while dealing with the challenges of being an asylum seeker. I am grateful for the support and the chance to improve my life."

Omar, Afghanistan

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"My tutor is not just teaching me English, she’s also mentoring me on how to use it effectively in my professional life. Totally worth the investment!"

Carlos, Spain

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"The daily lessons are short and sweet but very practical. I’ve improved my vocabulary a lot since I started learning with OpenEFL."

Tomasz, Poland
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"Learning English with OpenEFL has been a game changer for my career. The flexible class timings allow me to balance my studies with work easily."

Lee, South Korea

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