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*There is a £1/mo validation charge to ensure only serious learners are in our online community, help is available for learners unable to pay.

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Free English Lessons

Enjoy learning English with students from all over the world. Our group activities and friendly classes are designed to make learning easy and enjoyable.

Learn from Real Teachers

Our teachers are experienced and excited to teach you. You get to learn from both professional teachers and those training to become teachers.

Serious Learners Only

The £1 per month validation charge helps us make sure that all students in our classes really want to learn. This keeps our community strong and focused.

Learn Every Day

Our classes happen every day, so you can choose the best times for you. This makes it easy to keep learning regularly, no matter your schedule.

Help Available

If you can’t pay the validation charge because of your situation, like being an asylum seeker or coming from a tough background, please talk to our support team to help you join.

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Save 50% FOREVER


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Premium Member-Only Lessons

Access exclusive lessons only for premium members. Enjoy more sessions with experienced teachers, giving you extra opportunities to improve your English faster.

Priority Class Registration

Secure your spot in any class before it opens to general members. This exclusive perk ensures you never miss out on popular lessons or times that best fit your schedule.

Small Group Sessions

Enjoy more personalised attention with smaller class sizes. Priority members have access to additional small group lessons, enhancing interaction and tailored support.


Exclusive Speaking Club

Join our Speaking Club, where you can practice speaking English with other learners. It’s hosted by professional teachers who will help you to speak correctly.

AI Tutor

Get help from an AI tutor anytime you need it. This smart tool answers your questions, helps you practice, and gives you feedback right away. 

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Dive into daily, interactive, and completely free English lessons that enhance your speaking, listening, reading, and writing skills. Learn practical vocabulary and grammar you can use right away, all in a fun and supportive environment. Our experienced teachers guide you at every step, ensuring you progress quickly and confidently. No costs, just learning—perfect for anyone serious about improving their English. Sign up now and connect with learners from around the world, all for free!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I sign up for classes?

To sign up, simply choose between our free or premium membership options available. Select the one that suits your learning goals and follow the instructions to complete your registration. Once signed up, you can start attending classes right away!

Why do I pay £1 validation charge for free classes?

The £1 fee helps us make sure that only people who really want to learn English join our classes. This small fee checks your bank card to confirm you are a real person. This helps us keep the class safe and stop people who may want to cause trouble, like crashing our classes.

Have a question? Ask our friendly team

What is OpenEFL?

OpenEFL is a website where you can learn English online. It is part of Gallery Teachers, which helps new teachers get better at teaching. We have both free and premium classes available every day for people from all over the world.

Why are the lessons free?

OpenEFL is part of Gallery Teachers, an organisation that also trains new teachers. Some of our free classes are taught by these teachers-in-training. This gives them a chance to practice their teaching skills while you learn English. It’s a great way for everyone to improve and learn together.

What if I can't pay the £1 fee?

If you find it hard to pay the £1 because you don’t have enough money or you are in a tough situation like being an asylum seeker, please message us in the contact us page. We want to help everyone learn English, so we will find a way to let you join without the fee.

What do I need to join the lessons?

To join our lessons, you need a device like a smartphone, tablet, or computer that connects to the internet. Make sure to keep your sound, microphone, and camera on during the lessons. This helps you speak, listen, and see clearly, making it easier to learn and interact with your teacher and classmates. Get ready to share your thoughts and learn a lot. We’re looking forward to seeing you in class!

Do you have classes every day?

Yes, we have classes every day. They are live, which means they happen at the same time you are in the class. There are different times you can choose, so you can find a class that fits when you are free.

What are the class rules?

We have some simple rules to make sure everyone has a good time learning English:

  • Speak English Only: Always use English during lessons. If you’re stuck, try to say it another way or move on to another question.
  • Be in a Quiet Place When Speaking: Make sure you’re in a quiet spot so everyone can hear you clearly.
  • Camera On: Turn on your camera during group lessons to create a friendly atmosphere.
  • Be Kind: Always be nice to everyone in the lesson, to your teachers, and to other learners.
  • Be Inclusive: Accept and welcome people from all backgrounds.
  • Stay Positive: Help and encourage your fellow learners.
  • Use Nice Words: Avoid bad language and be respectful in your words.
  • Keep Secrets: Do not share anyone’s personal information.
  • Follow Rules: Listen to the teachers and follow the rules in each class.

What if I am shy to speak?

It’s okay to feel shy! Many people learning English feel the same, especially when speaking in front of others. Our lessons are a safe place where you can practice speaking without worry. Here are some tips to help you feel less shy:

  • Prepare Beforehand: Before the lesson, think about the topic and come up with some ideas or questions you might want to talk about. This will make you feel ready and more confident to speak.

  • Practice Alone: If you’re nervous about talking in front of others, try practicing by yourself first. You can record yourself talking about a topic and then listen to it. This will help you see what you do well and what you can improve.

  • Focus on the Conversation: Don’t think too much about how you sound or what others think. Pay attention to the discussion and try to add your thoughts in a useful way.

  • Take Risks: It’s okay to make mistakes. Try new things and learn from any errors. Remember, everyone is here to learn and support each other!

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